Sunday, September 28, 2008

My last week was spent studying for my first college exams, being worn out from driving home at one a.m. from seeing Jenny Lewis play in Fayetteville, bike rides, & lots of quick lunches that consisted of opening up a can of beans(something i actually very much enjoy.) So, by time Thursday came, i was excited to be done with the exhausting part of the week. Marianne, Keesha, Nick & i went to the pizza place Meg works at for a free meal, and noticed some stuff in the dumpster behind the salvation army next door...which lead to us climbing into dumpsters & jumping on top of old matresses stacked seven high to uncover tons of beautiful old suitcases & the perfect chair that i've been looking for for my bedroom. 
Needless to say, it was exciting. & probably illegal.
Nick & I stayed up that night as his house making muffins & crafting.
Friday after classes & smoothies with Nick, I drove home to eat sushi with my mom & visit for the weekend.
We woke up early on Saturday to meet Meg out at the farmer's market. 
I spent merely 11 dollars on five large apples, two sweet potatoes, a clove a garlic, about 5 big bundles of basil, and a half pound bag of purple hull peas. it was so exciting. i made some homemade pesto when i got home with all the basil i bought. 

we met up with my dad at boulevard for lunch & spent some much needed time together.

 i miss the days when it was easy for the four of us to be together for a day.

For dinner tonight, Nick & I made turkey meatballs with organic homemade spaghetti sauce on the whole wheat pasta i bought at the farmers market in Columbia, with an organic french baguette and my homemade basil pesto. : ) 
It feels immensely better cooking dinner at home with him than going out to a restaurant. 

sweet sleep to all.


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

It was a beautiful day.
Your pesto is amazing love!
Mmmm....I bet your spaghetti was delicious.

letstalkmodern said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend! & your pesto... mmm! I want to drive there right now & eat some! :) Maybe I should?!

& yes, I believe we are meant to be best friends! :D!

Daddyo said...

Had a great day with you mom and meg
...and how amazing that I didnt have some sort of food in the corner of my mouth in the picture you took of me...we are a blessed family. Love you tori. Daddyo

Daddyo said...

Maybe thats what I had growing in my finger....hmmmmm wonder if thats how that idea got into your ya, Daddyo