Monday, September 22, 2008

she said sing, sing, sing, sing melodies to the universe in motion.

Columbia was beautiful, but seeing my best friend was even more so! 
Honestly, my favorite part of the whole weekend was probably going to the Farmer's Market/eating at Cafe Berlin on Saturday morning. 
As much as i love our farmer's market in LR, the one in Columbia is AMAZING. Instead of just having the basics(fruits & veggies & a few preserves) they also have the real raw cheeses, raw honey, grassfed meats, honey ice cream, & homemade pastas.
i bought some whole wheat linguine pasta to make sometime soon.

it smells so fresh & delicious.

Natalie & Luke presented their gifts from the Earth.

Also at the market was this beautiful lady with her two adorable children playing music. 

We had brunch at Cafe Berlin where Natalie & i ate the most delicious veggie burgers i've ever tasted. It was on a homemade whole wheat bun & i could definitely go for another right now.

We walked around downtown all day, eating greek food and going in local shops, and went back to the Love Nest for the party...which, unfortunately, was a little whack for various reasons, but fun, nonetheless! I wish i could have spent more time just chilling with Nat, but next time for sure! At least we were able to enjoy our yogurt & granola breakfasts together. : )

The ride back was enjoyable & now i am home working on studying for my Anthropology exam.
Oh, & i must mention, my boyfriend is opening up for Bassnectar, one of the biggest DJ's in the world right now, who also happens to be one of Nick's biggest influences. I am so happy for him. This is a HUGE step!


letstalkmodern said...

I'm so happy you had such a wonderful time. I feel like it went by so fast, though! I could have talked to you for hours & hours! I cannot wait to see you during Thanksgiving time. I will talk to my mom about when we will be makin' a trip to Arkansas.

I love you! & all of your pictures are all so beautiful!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

It sounds like you had an amazing time. Honey ice cream sounds so de-lish!

I'm so happy you got to see Nat...and eat those veggie burgers that looked so yummy! It makes me want to go to Columbia! Maybe we need a road trip?

The picture of you and Nick is just adorable!!! And so "you"