Friday, July 30, 2010

the birdhouse

This is my home.
A truly magical place.
Two years ago, I said goodbye to my childhood(teenage-hood, rather) home & found comfort here. I've never felt anything but good vibes from this house, and I can't help but think that some truly wonderful people must have inhabited it as families for years and years past. I imagine babies were born in this very place, and it's a neat feeling to live in house with such an (unknown) history.
I have lived here with many, many people.
All very different.
All contributing to the experience in some exciting(and often times dramatic) way or another. It has not always been peachy, but it has never failed to end up peacefully. The negative attitudes brought into this home have never lasted long, and after stressful experiences, those of us who remained have always found ourselves happier than we had been before.
In December, I will be moving out. We will all be leaving. The days of the "Birdhouse" will officially be a memory of the past.
I used to have a terribly difficult time adjusting to change, but i've found that the older i become, and the more frequent change seems to be in my life, the easier i have found it to adapt to the flow...and sometimes lack thereof.
Knowing that I will be closing this period of my life in this house has been bittersweet to think about. It is difficult to know that we will never have the good old Birdhouse theme parties, or sit around the kitchen table for hours, or enjoy the autumn breeze from the front porch as we have done an immeasurable amount of times.
But, I have come the point in my life where I welcome change, & understand how incredibly blessed I have been to spend my first 2.5 years of college living here.
As of now, I don't know where my path is headed after I move out of this charming 90 year old home, but i do know it has served me well, and leaving it will be altogether bittersweet.