Wednesday, October 1, 2008

finger pets.

to preface this story of my sleep world, i must say that i have a history of extremely off-the-wall dreams, so to speak. if i am not stepping/squishing my cousin who resembles a nesting doll, than i am living in an underwater house with every single person i know. as i laid in bed yesterday morning meditating, i suddenly remembered looking at the tops of my index fingers as i slept. In my dreamworld, a world that i sometimes wish i actually lived in, I had looked down at my fingers & on each of them was a tiny blister-like bump, that was crystal clear & had a clear, clean liquid inside. & just chilling in the liquid of each finger was a turtle the size of a ladybug. They were all so detailed & adorable, too! There was one on the left finger, & two on top of one another on the right. I remember thinking, "damn this is so AMAZING. I really want to keep them but then again, this is so bizarre i feel like i should go to the doctor." which, unfortunately for the turtles, i chose to do so. The doctor took a pin and popped the bump, and the turtles just disappeared as if they had never been there. 
Upon remembering the dream, i instantly wrote/drew about it in my journal, still half asleep. Considering this is probably the most outlandish dream i have every dreamt, i couldn't not document it.


letstalkmodern said...

This is exciting! Take me with you to your dreams!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

The only time I've ever dreamed crazy like this was when I was on Chantix or the patch.