Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lyndsay & Claire

Five days ago one of my favorite people in the world gave birth to a sweet baby girl. I am so lucky to have been able to photograph her throughout her pregnancy & I am quite anxiously awaiting the day I get to finally meet the little lady & do our first out of the belly photo shoot! I am so proud of you, Lyndsay & can't wait to see you blossom on your journey through motherhood.


2 days before her due date & 5 days before Claire was born

Monday, July 1, 2013

tying the knot | a shoot

I photographed my first bigger wedding this weekend & I am so pleased with how everything turned out. It was such a fun & fulfilling experience. I absolutely cannot wait to do another! At first, I felt nervous knowing I was going to be held accountable for capturing all the fleeting, beautiful moments that happen on someone's big day, but then I reminded myself that I had photographed a mother giving birth & I knew that if I could do that, I could certainly do this. I cannot express enough how much i adore being a photographer and documenting people's lives. 

Here are a few of my favorite images from the evening:

(click photos for larger view)
awaiting his first glance
mr & mrs!
favors from the bride & groom


Saturday, May 25, 2013

2013 goals progress update

 I thought, as it is now May and nearly June, it would be an appropriate time to do an update on my 2013 goals. I have been making progress (some significant!) towards *almost* all of them and having this blog certainly helps hold me accountable.
an unrelated photo of an onion that i saw so much loveliness in


-finally open my etsy shop
The main task I need to complete to accomplish this goal is to build my inventory. I have been working on the weekends to have a stock pile of creations to fill my store with & so far so good! Slowly but surely...
- pursue my interest in videography
I recently purchased a new computer with a much better video card/faster operating system than my five year old macbook pro & my awesome boyfriend hooked me up with some sweet video editing software. i have been spending time playing around with video & i am so stoked about the possibilities.
-shoot more film. since i finished college, my poor film cameras have been neglected.
I can't say I've made too much progress on this goal, BUT i did find an old roll of film & set it aside for the weekend(or soon...summer!!!) day when i remember to pick up my old cameras & capture all the fun that comes with these beautiful seasons.
-re-open mine & nick's etsy shop from 2010 that we got too busy to maintain
haven't made any progress on this one...oops! honestly, i'm not going to feel bad if it doesn't happen. between the many different things nick & i pursue, we have enough on our plates!
-continue & further my personal study of midwifery
i am pretty ecstatic about what i have accomplished so far on this particular goal. my original resolution to further my personal study of midwifery has blossomed into me studying to become a certified doula! I am officially training with a wonderful doula, Nicolle, at Birth by Design...and I have already attended my first birth(more on that soon!)
-get back into my yoga groove that was once so solid
i have been attending more yoga classes this year(mostly with one of my best friends, Dana, but also occasionally with Nick but I cannot make it through a session without cracking up if he is with me) and also doing more yoga at home in the quiet of our home. still have room for improvement, for sure!
 -finish my first quilt
quilt top is complete!

I am feeling pretty good about the progress I have made on these goals! As I enter the last week of my first year of teaching, I'm honestly impressed with myself for balancing all I have balanced this year. I love being busy & finding fulfillment in a wide variety of things.

keep on keepin' on!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

nicholas & beatrix


 these two.
always together on the couch.
i adore them.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

porch pals

nick & i  are getting into the swing of spring & hanging some new dudes on the front porch:

(my amazingly talented aunt made this beautiful planter. i've been meaning to hang it for over a year now!)

just seeing these little succulents when i walk outside is a mood booster.

happy (almost) SPRING!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

fulfilling my wanderlust- issue two: brussels

This is a series in which I share simple & sometimes complex stories & photographs from my adventures backpacking Europe in the Summer of 2011
people I met
places I visited
lessons I learned

(you can find issue one: lagos here)

fulfilling my wanderlust- issue 2: Brussels

what they say about Belgian chocolate
Belgian beer
Belgian waffles
& Belgian frites is true. 
during my time there, i threw out any notion of eating whole foods & completely indulged. i ate way too many orders of "frites" (by far the best fries i have ever had in my entire life) with curry ketchup from countless street stands & certainly put down a few too many belgian beers.
and it.was.amazing.

one of the days i find most memorable from my entire trip was one spent in Brussels, Belgium. we were couch-surfing with an old man in the town of Linkebeek just south of Brussels. he was quite the character. when seeing his name (which i can't remember at this point) on the couch-surfing website, we pictured a wee old man in a wool vest, not unlike the likes of a hobbit. so you can imagine our surprise when a six foot three, burly, older man in a leather biker vest picked us up at the train station. 

we left his home around noon to catch the train to the city. our first stop was a waffle stand. i couldn't be in Belgium without eating one of their famous waffles. soon after, we discovered a real gem of a vintage shop where i picked up some very old postcards and photographs for my collection, as well as some ribbon to make a camera strap with (still on my to-do list.) we decided that this day would be open for exploration. we would do whatever felt right at the moment (i suppose most days of those two months were this way to some degree, but this one felt especially so.) we eventually found ourselves on a street bustling with bars & cafes, drinking delirium beers, meeting new people, and acquiring pink elephants(the mascot of the beer we were drinking) from our waitress.
after spending what seemed like two hours sitting beneath belgian flags & listening to musicians busking about, we left to explore the city in our day drunken state (Belgian beers are MUCH stronger than typical american beers.) 

cactus beers our new Czech friend Radek bought us a round of. we had met him just moments before this photograph was taken.
we ended up in the middle of La Grand Place, where my sister danced with an adorable chinese lady, we people watched, and admired a very old sculpture of Christ. 

we peeked into a chocolate shop just before hitting the train station to head back to meet our couch surf host who had promised to show us the forest just outside of the city later that day. we noticed a frite stand across the street from the station and ran over to pick up an order. my first taste of this deliciousness. we devoured them & laughed at how we would have to keep the fact that we had tried them a secret from our host, who had said he wanted to take us to the "best stand around" to try them for the first time. we played that one off quite well in the end, acting like we had never tasted anything like them, when we actually had just hours before.

one of the best parts of the day was when we went to the forest- the rich, mystical forest i would not have known existed had we not been staying with a native. i never thought i'd be taking a hike in a forest during my visit to Brussels, but i will jump at any opportunity i have to pretend that i'm a woodland creature, so i was quite content.
  it was lush, green, vast, & so very beautiful. we adventured for a few hours, lying on fallen trees & hiding away in a teepee we discovered deep in the woods until dusk arrived. it was truly magical. 

missing you, Belgium, & all the goodness you brought to my soul!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

farewell 2012, hello 2013

you were good to me.
i traveled just a bit(though not nearly as much as 2011!) completed my bachelor's degree, landed my first art teaching gig, & moved in with Nick just weeks before our five year anniversary. even when change is good, as mine certainly all was, it can still be overwhelming to experience it all in such a condensed period of time(all of this literally happened in a matter of 3 months) but i continued to think of one of my favorite yogi quotes during my months of rapid change: 
"you must know that you can swim through every change of tide."

(from our november adventure at petit jean)

i am so very excited to see what 2013 will bring. i am feeling some major positive vibes about the year ahead. i got a late start on deciding what i would like my goals to be for this year (didn't write any down until new years eve) but i do have a few things i would like to focus on/accomplish this year:

-finally open my etsy shop (i set it up nearly three years ago, bout damn time)
- pursue my interest in videography
-shoot more film. since i finished college, my poor film cameras have been neglected.
-re-open mine & nick's etsy shop from 2010 that we got too busy to maintain
-continue & further my personal study of midwifery
-get back into my yoga groove that was once so solid
-finish my first quilt(a baby one i started in the summer) & perhaps make a few more. special thanks to my mad quilter of a momma for teaching me! ; )

beautiful things are sure to come.
happy 2013!