Saturday, September 6, 2008

autumn's light is shining through.

the weather yesterday was absolutely perfect. i couldn't ride my bike to class which was rather unfortunate because i had to have my blood pressure & heart rate taken when i got there, so any physical activity of that sort was not allowed.  i was bummed because there's nothing better than going on a bike ride on a beautiful day like that. so after having my height & weight measured, i found out that i am still 5'2'', much to my surprise. I haven't grown since the sixth grade. I guess I am meant to be forever short like my grandma, which is fine by me. 

Nick & i went out to Faby's-a deliiiicious mexican restaurant down the street from my house-whose homemade tortilla's are so damn good. I sat out on the porch & waited for him to pick me up & enjoyed the weather. I thought about how I'd missed living in a more suburban neighborhood like the ones when i was little. We moved out to the country when i was 12, which has it's perks. I love the way my mom & dad's backyard feels-so serene and peaceful, chilly & starry at nighttime- but at the same time, i love watching people sit on the front porches & ride bikes around town. There are perks & downsides to everything, though. 

We finally got our own internet hooked up we don't have to borrow from our unknowing neighbors!  Also, our landlord is outside right now, hanging up the front porch swing. I am so SO stoked about that. 

I am about to head out to my parents house to visit with them & work at Waffle House in the morning so i can afford to go visit my best friend in Missouri in two weeks! Yay! it's weird not seeing your best friend for months at a time. I miss her like crazy. 

Pictures of the day:


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I never would have thought that both my girls would end up being short!

We need to come to Conway and try that restaurant. Sound de-lish!!

Love the pictures of the day. Your garden looks lovely.

Sarah said...

My oldest daughter is five and has recently started school. She's the shortest in her class and wearing clothes of an average three year old. She has the cutest little phrase she says to anyone who mentions her height, 'It's not size that matters, but who you are inside. I might be short, but I have a BIG personality!'.