Thursday, October 22, 2009

Don Juan

the newest member of the birdhouse, Don Juan.
we love him.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Magical Mad-Hatter Tea Party

In honor of my 20th birthday, the birdhouse ladies & i decided to have a tea party.
A magical mad-hatter one, at that!
oh, & let me tell you, it was indeed magical.
I decided i would make use of my fish-eye lens, considering it seemed to fit well with the theme, & what i saw on my camera the next morning made me really happy(thanks mostly to Marly for being so good about taking photos all night!)
I can't get over how sweet Nicholas looks in this photograph.
I also have some really exciting news:
The lovely lady pictured with me below & I are going to be studying in Paris together this Summer!
Je suis très heureuse!
J'habiterai à Paris pendant le mois de Juin 2010!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

When it wasn't raining like it has been for the past week & i could actually open my windows to let the fall air in, Lili's favorite spot became the window sill.
(click photos to enlarge)
She got a little closer to the newest member of our family, our volunteer cat, Don Juan. Don Juan just kind of showed up one day. He was a pretty fat little thing, so i figured he was just a neighborhood cat who happened to like our front porch a lot. But after a few weeks, i felt his backbone one day while petting him & my sister & i decided we'd adopt him.

Lili also came to know this bee who would stay in front of the screen buzzing at her for longer than i'd imagined possible. Considering i am highly allergic to these little guys, this was the closest i've ever been to one, & it was pretty amazing!
Now, Arkansas, I want Autumn back. I have had enough of this 50 degree weather & constant rainfall.
My birthday is friday.
I am stoked.

dreaming of Costa Rica

When remembering the land of those who yearn for the "pura vida," i think of Juan.
You reminded me, if only vaguely, of what it was like to be in the presence of my beloved Poppy.
You taught me about the simplicity of life & the overstressed importance of those worldly things that essentially do not matter, & how to let go of materialism. You showed strength & agility in your age, passion & compassion. You have visions, dreams, a wild past full of strife and achievement, eyes of love & a happiness for humanity(the agenda of which, you said, must change.)
You reminded us that, "happiness is not comfortability."
We all went to the moon together discussing the divine...he who created us. He who gave us this beautiful, simple life to live.
We left you with a bicycle, & individual notes thanking you for making our trip to Costa Rica something more than a vacation, & wishing you luck in making your town "a paradise for people who can't afford paradise."

I dream that you are riding down the muddy, peaceful streets of
Puerto Viejo, spreading love to all of Gods creatures.