Thursday, May 24, 2012

three sweet notions

Upon graduating from college, I was given the most thoughtful gifts from some of the most significant people in my life. I wanted to share them here, as they are so special to me.

1) The book Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin- given to me by my sister in order to encourage me to stay inspired in my quest to fulfill one of my life goals-becoming a doula (or a midwife if I have the time for schooling.) I'm only a short way into it, but it is a beautiful book-full of birth stories, midwife/doula experiences, and valuable knowledge about birth and the human body.

2) Handmade crystal pendants made by my sweet Nicholas. The blue-ish purple crystal is an aura quartz crystal he picked up in Austin, and the other is a delicate Arkansas quartz crystal he discovered here in our home state. He found the bullet shells on a friends property in the Ozark Mountains. Although they look stunning in the photographs, even those do not do these beauties justice. I'm so in love with them.

3) A handmade tissue box for my desk from my amazingly creative momma(seriously, this woman has some talent...she is working towards opening an etsy shop to fill with her quilts and other sewn goodies & i'll be posting about it when she does.) If you are not already aware, I have been studying art education for the last four years & now have my teaching license, as well as hope that by the end of the Summer I will be employed in a school. My mom made me this darling tissue box for my future desk. So cute.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Flynn & Ruby

I am a nostalgic person by nature. I am constantly reminiscing, daydreaming about past experiences, missing childhood magic. My personal journal is full of stories from my past, the things I have thought i'd forgotten forever...and then suddenly remembered.  My nostalgia has been at a high point lately, as I think is normal after ending a "chapter in life." Because of this, I have been spending a lot of time looking through all of the old scanned film photos I have on my computer. Since I got my first vintage film camera at the age of 14, I've shot countless rolls & i treasure each and every one of them for their magic and uniqueness. They tell a story in a way digital photos don't. 

Stories like this one that is so dear to me:

 About five or six years ago, my sister & i were playing with our little cousin, Flynn (who might as well be our little brother.) In my parents garden, he discovered a sweet, pitiful baby bird who had just recently passed away. Flynn named her Ruby (possibly because it was much more simple than the last bird we buried, who he named "dirty birdie red fred john") and we promptly carried out a funeral in her honor. 

 We said a few sweet words and a simple goodbye. Flynn buried her with wildflowers he found in the yard, and then covered her in earth. 

   At the end, he found a stick to place over her grave so that he could "know where to find her."

Flynn is now ten and still has a huge heart.
He makes me proud.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

four years

The Greenbelt-Austin, TX

And just like that, four years have passed.
This Saturday, I will graduate with my B.A. in Art Education. 
I started this blog as a freshman, not knowing exactly how amazing the next four years of my life would be. Not knowing how much I would learn, do, go. 
I learned an invaluable amount about the world, the mind, art, myself.
 I went to nine countries.
 I made some friends & lost some, too.

 I am wrapping up my experience at UCA feeling incredibly fulfilled in a myriad of different areas of my life. I was part of, in my opinion, the best program at UCA. Our art department is brimming with talented & inspiring professors (& students alike.)  Being part of such a tight knit community wasn't something i expected, but something that changed my experience in the most positive way. I'll miss so much the Thursday art openings, late nights in the darkroom, the talks after events over pitchers of blue moon with Mark, the constant source of inspiration.
This is such a bittersweet time in life. 
But now, I'm officially an art educator. & i am so incredibly thankful that i chose to take this route. I spent the last four months with the best mentor teacher & 450 kids, age five to ten. I taught them about art & hopefully instilled in them an appreciation for one of the most important things in our lives as humans.  None of them know that they also taught me something-they helped teach me how to teach art to kids. They taught me to think like my seven year old self again & always live life in a carefree manner. My last week at the school was heart-warming...I don't think I have ever received so many hugs! I left with flowers, a sack full of cards & letters...and also a few tears. 

Although this is bittersweet, when I break it all down, the sweetest takes precedence. Closing a "chapter" in life always has it's sad moments, but I have so much to look forward to in this next one. A career, more time to pursue creative ideas & spend time with people I love, and eventually a move to a new & invigorating place.
I can't wait.