Thursday, September 18, 2008

i'm anxious for life. so electrically ecstatic for life & it's happening right now.
& it's beautiful.
i saw a lot of old friends tonight-some i've known for years & other not so long, but long enough to consider "old friends.: everyone else laughed & drank & joked, but i couldn't help but just sit there & think about how incredible our presence is we all come together for these gatherings, after being absent from eachothers lives for months & months, to talk about higher beings, the fact that no one is going to remember us in 200 years(i mean, do YOU know the name of your great great great great great grandfather with out prior research on the subject? no? exactly.) and about how i "have his mother's hands." 
it was a fulfilling night.

beautiful basil, in honor of my rant that follows:

we discussed the processes that are involved in making the food we consume yesterday in anthropology. campbell showed us a film, "the future of food"- a documentary about genetically modified food and how our congress, although given the chance to consider it, has bypassed every bill that has tried to make it to where our food is labeled that it is genetically modified, & exactly what in it IS GMed. We, as humans, as people of the Earth, people who are supposed to eat what is grown from the Earth, are being denied the right to know what is being put into our bodies. the sad thing is, as much as we try to research & eat things that are SAID to not be GMed, we can't fully do so. Americans could not survive because the food industries rely so heavily on this process of changing food to "better improve shelf life," for instance...a ridiculous reason when you think about our bodies as sacred temples that we only get one of.
 So much of what is grown/consumed is being injected with antibiotics & hormones(even infant formula) & we, including the growing children of our country, are completely & totally unaware. that is why young girls are going through puberty as early as eight years old now. not to mention Monsanto, a major farming company, has record of suing small farmers for allegedly "stealing their seeds," bringing these independent farmers who have been harvesting their own UNgenetically modified seeds for the past fifty years to have to shut down whatever business they have. 
 it's a sad reality, but it IS just that.


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

It is very, very sad. Makes me angry. How did your lumpia turn out?

letstalkmodern said...

Luke & I have had so many conversations on this very topic! We should talk for hours & hours about this because SOMETHING needs to happen. People complain about gaining weight & health issues involved with what they consume, but most people don't even know what they're putting into they're body! "It's cheaper so lets buy it" is the mentality of so many Americans... it truly frightens me!

& the time spent with your friends sounds wonderful. I love nights of deep conversation, fulfilling conversation. Sooo good.

& I see you tomorrow!! We will have those conversations! I CAN'T WAIT!

& all of the other layouts were pretty lame. I guess I'm a copier. :/