Monday, September 1, 2008

I've been meaning to get one of these things for awhile now, just haven't found the inspiration to until now, mostly so i can vote for my mom's recipe at (She's #4.)

It's still weird sometimes to know i don't live at home anymore, that when i leave my parents house they say, "call me when you get home." I usually tell them not to say that, i don't like the idea of their house not being "home" although, no matter how far away i live, it will always be more of a home than anything else to me. 

College is wonderful & inspiring...something high school never really was for me. Maybe it's the fact that my schedule is incredibly relaxed, or perhaps because I am actually doing things i WANT to do, rather than taking a bunch of BS courses that the school district has set up to drive you crazy.  As far as Gen. Ed courses go, I'd have to say that Anthropology is my favorite class. It's interesting to look at things from an anthropological standpoint & after seeing how that works, I understand that if more people in the world were to step back & look at different cultures anthropologically, the Earth would unite on a much better level than it does now. But, I'm a dreamer. 

My Dad's Staph infection is healing day by day & we're hoping he can come home tomorrow. I took some photographs of him on Saturday(with him unaware...maybe it was the morphine) & brought him up some Damgoode pie yesterday.

Also, on August 25th, Nick & I had our one year. : )
I surprised him with homemade sushi for lunch before i went to class, & he took me out to Bene Vita's later that night. It was so lovely. He is love.


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

aww. Tori, I love you! Your blog is beautiful! I'm so glad you finally started one!!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

hey i didnt know u took pics of me... cute daddyo

Heather said...

This blog is beautiful. You are at such an exciting point in your life; this will be a great avenue to record some of the memories you will be making.

I'm a "blog friend" of your mom's. Just stopping by to say hi! Hope your dad is feeling better.