Tuesday, December 6, 2011

some moments

My plan of "jumping back on the blog bandwagon" was obviously a complete SIKE...as I haven't posted anything since September...but I am writing this now to try to commit myself to updating more because I truly love/miss doing this. My blog was updated so often when I first got it in the Summer days before I began college and well into my freshman year.
Since then my posting has been shrinking steadily, but it really just reflects the nature of college...as I am approaching graduation in May. You start out with so much free time...and you end with what seems like NONE.
I'm not complaining, however, because I love what I am doing.

the past few months since I posted in September have been really lovely & went a little something like this:

i'll be back...soon!

Friday, September 23, 2011

lost/damaged film

Last Summer, my beloved 1970's Sears camera (that has blessed me with so many of the lovely pictures you see here on this blog) took it's last roll of film(for now, at least.)
Upon winding the film and opening the camera, i realized that the mechanism that holds the film in place was somehow damaged. Not only did it tear my film, but in the process of opening the door, i exposed it.
I was able to quickly get it into a light safe container(with the help of my dark closet) & then it was put at the bottom of a drawer for over a year. I knew they were mostly of our time spent camping out last summer at Wakarusa music festival, so I was super stoked to see what the roll consisted of when I found it the other day & decided to get it developed...
& this is what I got:
(click photos for a better view..i'm still trying to figure out how to make my photos on the blog bigger)
(oh my, those lips)
I must say...I'm rather fond of them.
Happy accidents.

Monday, September 5, 2011

a glimpse of my summer backpacking

I am jumping back on this blogging bandwagon, 'cause my absence has far exceeded what I ever anticipated it exceeding.

This Summer was exactly what I thought it would be...
a whirlwind
a cure for wanderlust.
(exploring in Santiago de Compostela, Spain)

This Summer, I stepped foot on the soil of nine different countries, and yet still, I kind of hardly believe that it happened.
Here's a very condensed glimpse at each:

(click the photos to enlarge for a MUCH better view!)













(almost to Budapest by night train)



(I realized that after loading these onto blogger, these photos look rather flat & uninteresting, although they don't when looking at them by other means...but it's 2:45 am & i am too tired to try to do anything about it. But, nonetheless, you get my drift. Also, the "ninth" country is England...though I did not go to England itself, I went to Gibraltar which is English territory, and while I was there, I did not have my camera.)

Monday, April 11, 2011

time for an update.

I've been absent too long!
Life has been a whirlwind of busy, but good times as of late.

School has consumed my life, which is pretty normal for this time of year I suppose, so i cannot complain too much about it! Afterall, I am only one year away from graduating.

I officially leave in 1.5 months for my two months worth of European adventuring with only a backpack & my lovely sister(who i haven't seen since September!) in tow.
Wanderlust is over taking my mind & spirit these days, so i welcome this new adventure with very widely opened arms.

I have also been working on a series of (film) photographs lately. I have not yet titled the series, but here is a glimpse at it:

(they will be displayed diptych style)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Him+Her Designs

My best friend and her love have their amazing etsy shop up & running in full swing.
& this time, they've added some beautiful vintage treasures.

Check out their store!
(& it's incredibly affordable, too!)

I'm really loving this adorable red winter coat:

& this dainty vanity mirror:
spread the love!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

captured by the fuzz

Here lately I have been slightly obsessing over old mugshot images.
They posses a beauty that no modern mugshot will be able to carry-especially those of women.
Who were these women, and what did they do to get locked up?
I wish there was a way to know the answers to these questions, but for now, i'll continue to make up my own stories about the lives they might have lead.

I have old photographs that i have found & collected over the years scattered throughout my room and in boxes here and there. Now I'm on the search for the next best thing-old mugshots!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Since school began,
i have been spending my mornings with this handsome fella
and my evenings with this one.
life. is. good.