Sunday, September 14, 2008

sunday beauty!

Ooooh my the weather is so absolutely more fantastic now than i was saying it was a week ago! I am just relishing in this autumn beauuuty & it's so exciting.
I went home yesterday for my cousins baby shower & to eat dinner & hang out with my lovely parents. My mom made amazing BLT's with avocado dill spread. Oh, it was so hearty & good. I miss eating at home...a lot.
I drove home after the storms(temporarily) passed. We saw a few funnel clouds & i beat the rain home, luckily.  It rained & poured for favorite way to sleep! It was so peaceful.
When i woke up this was about 70 degrees outside & felt amazing. So, i turned off the air & opened the windows. There's such a different feeling to feeling fresh air flow through your house than artificial air conditioning.
Nick & I had breakfast at Something Brewing this morning, went on a bike ride, hung out with some friends on the front porch, & made chicken parmesan sandwiches & salads for dinner. Nick made the salad's with field greens & spinach, feta cheese, & blush wine vinaigrette. They were so delicious I am so glad that he shares the same taste in food as me. I am so thankful he isn't careless about what he puts in his body like a lot of young people are. It was such a nice day...exactly what i wish every sunday could be like.


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Your dinner looks divine! Aw, Nick, he has no clue that his photos are posted on a blog...ha.
Yesterday was is supposed to be even nicer.
Good bike riding weather to school.

letstalkmodern said...

It's 55 degrees today & oh how I wish it were 70. It's so cold!

& your dinner looks like it was so delicious. We must make amazing food when you come here... that is, IN LESS THAN A WEEK! :D!!