Tuesday, September 9, 2008

honey porch.

For the past few days I have started waking up early & walking/jogging again & it feels so refreshing!  Something about getting out in the morning makes the whole day go better. & I am discovering that there is so much to see in this his little suburban area of Conway i live in! 
There is so much charm.
I'm sitting on my cute little porch swing as i type this now & i have a feeling this is where i will spend a good amount of my time!

The weather lately is making me want autumn...but i know that we'll have more stiflingly hot days before that happens for good. 

peace & love.


Anonymous said...

Your little home in Conway is so beautiful.

& I really love the photograph of you. :)

See you in NINE DAYS!!!


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I love your porch. The swings look great (finally) up!

The weather has been beautiful.


letstalkmodern said...

I have a blog now!