Monday, December 29, 2008

con leche.

Over the past couple years, i have developed an affinity for interesting coffee cups. I actually tend to drink more herbal tea out of them than actual coffee, unless i am at my mom & dad's where there is always a plethora of creamer flavors to accompany the coffee we discovered in costa rica(it is like no other!)

I find myself repeatedly searching the cluttered shelves of savers, antique stores, & flea markets for the perfect cup.
& the people who know me best are often surprising me with new ones to add to my collection.
The first one was given to me by my best friend, Natalie.
The orange Fireking is my Moms that she happily found at an antique store, & the other two are ones i have found at Savers.
for Christmas this year, my sister gave me, among other wonderful things, this beautiful cup that she found at a flea market. 
I predict my future holds many coffee/tea gatherings, for by the time i will have a chance for that, there is no doubt that i will have a unique cup for everyone!


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

They are all amazing unique cups!

natalie said...

You have such an eye for capturing the beauty that surrounds your life. :) Love you!

heathersister said...

I have a thing for mugs too. I don't have many but I have special ones for different things I drink. Weird, I know.

Saw the videos from waffle house (I am Michelle) and want to thank you for having my 16 year old daughter see me with different eyes. She thinks I am a big dork for blogging (although not as much as my 13 old son does, talk about dorks) but she enjoyed your video and she thinks you and your sister are beautiful. She loves the picture of the two of you on your mom's blog.

Julie Alvarez said...

I don't want to boast, but I just wanted to share with you my huuuuuge passion for coffee and tea mugs. Here is my collection:
The light is not good, but you'll have an idea. And we use them all! We all get to pick the one for breakfast and afternoon coffee and tea after lunch.
Keep going, you will make a great collection. I specially like the one pictured all alone.