Sunday, December 21, 2008

i often wake up before anyone else & lie in bed while i look out the window & watch the plant spirits as they dance about in the morning sun. It's such a mystical thing, this energy they carry-so real & tangible that i have found that is is not hard to feel connected to a world outside of human beings.
Lately, I have been filling my brain with copious amounts of Iron & Wine & Joanna Newsom (as i always seem to do in the colder months) & have simultaneously felt the sounds pulse through my veins. 

"...the Earth is warmer when you laugh."
Sam Beam says through a beautiful, honest, warm voice.  It is hard to not feel alive when i am surrounded by such beauty.  You know, this season & this dramatic change from warm to cold tends to bring about sadness in a lot of people, so they say.  Autumn & Winter have always made me feel full of life & love & nature & all things beautiful, just like any other season. I  cherish all the days of these frigid months spent cooking at my Grandma and Poppy's, all the Christmas Eve's spent laughing uncontrollably with my cousins as we always seem to do, all the days spent stuck at home with my parents because of ice & all the nights sitting by the fireplace with my love.


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

you made me laugh! :)

natalie said...

wonderful post!

miss you alreadyyyyyyy!

Sarah said...

Awwww, this is a beautiful post - I should book-mark this right now for when it's our winter down here in the Southern Hemisphere. If ever I feel the winter blues haunting me, I'll check back to your post and appreciate the finer side of winter! What beautiful memories you have and it's gorgeous that you hold them so dear and still live and breath them. Your folks must be so proud of you. Beautiful words. Sarah