Saturday, December 20, 2008

i spent thursday & yesterday mostly in solitude. other than the eeriness of my empty old house at night time, i have very very much soaked up & found beauty in my solitary time.
i have to admit, though, that my favorite part of the past few days was 
a)stopping by Nick's for twenty minutes to bring him food and have him hand me roses when i walked in 
b)spending time with my best friend, Natalie, & her lover, Luke.
Natalie & Luke were only to stay for about twelve hours, which is unfortunate, but it was definitely time spent well. I see their love growing before my eyes & it's a beautiful thing. 
I am always very excited about exchanging gifts with Natalie 'cause they are so wonderful! & I was super stoked to see her open the apron i made:

I know you'll be cooking up some corn brownies in that thing, Natalie! ; )

I woke up yesterday craving greek food & decided to attempt to make homemade whole wheat pita bread. & much to my happiness, it worked out! They were a bit more dense than usual, but that didn't change the taste. 

they have nearly diminished now...since i had hummus around, & the infinite abyss that is my stomach.
Nat & Luke had to leave around eight this morning, so I got up early & made some banana buckwheat pancakes & we enjoyed a pretty breakfast together. 
& a lovely morning photo of my best friend & me looking like lil ol' grandma Tori in her shawl.
& nowww...
i have about twenty more hours of things to do before i can say i am ready to give all the gifts i am hand-making...but it will be oh, so worth it.

it's a good thing my sister isn't an avid blog-reader. : )


david mcmahon said...

Hand-made gifts are objects to treasure because of the thought and effort that does into them.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful visit with Nat & Luke...even though it was short.

You did a wonderful job on the apron! I'm proud of you!


natalie said...

the apron is so amazing! This break I plan to do so many home-improvements & making a line to hang up my aprons is one of those jobs!

& this post makes me miss Luke. I have his tshirt with his smell to think of him :/