Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i have been dreamingdreamingdreaming so often & vividly lately, in more ways than one.
& i cannot thank my moonstruck(positively, of course) brain enough for this.
i've been seeing people i haven't seen in years, running around neighborhoods surrounded in water in new hampshire-whose winding, tree-filled, free roads i haven't stepped foot on in ages-, & catching glimpses of my Poppy who is so happy & healthy & naturally aware of where he stands in this world(or another, more perfect, one.)

(i decided to post one of my film photographs that, to me, has a dreamy quality. i took this of my cousin kayla back in late march/early april before she birthed beautiful little Judey.)

my dream world is just too mystical for words.
i keep waking up & lying in my bed for awhile as i do every morning & going, "oh, i just want to go back there, i need to go back there! i want to hold poppys hand & let him know how much i miss him everyday & i want to play with my little cousins who are too far away & not have a care in the world."

my dreams always make me realize-by taking me on little mind-trips away from reality-that life really isn't as difficult as we all tend to make it seem. oh, i often feel like i take so much for granted. but i really do love you & you & you & you. And i know that essentially, my values are in line where they should be, & i know to cherish people & my connections with them & nature over anything material.

As for other areas of my life...
three more test & it is goodbye to my first semester of college.
oh, yay.


WheresMyAngels said...

Oh I love that photo? what is the frame made from?

Mark Monroe said...

That's so strange Tori because lately I have been dreaming really vividly. To the point where I was lucid in almost all of the dreams I had. Strange, that you would post about it. I know exactly what this post is like. Perhaps one day we will share our dreams within a dream.

ha, the word verification this time was throi

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I really wish I could dream like that again!! Maybe I need to get back on the Chantix just so I can have vivid dreams!

Yay for you and finishing your first semester!!! I am so proud of you!!!


natalie said...

I want to go with you in these dreams! I feel like my dreams are never as vivid as yours.

I look forward to talking to you on the phone! :D eek! so much to look forward to!


Julie Alvarez said...

Hello, I stumbled on your blog, from the DOMESTICITY group on flickr. I like what I read so far..! And like the pictures as well.
I have to say that my dreams are quite like you describe yours... So dreamy and so real at the same time.
Also, I discovered just recently the benefits of lying in bed for a while after awakening. It leaves me more prepared for the day ahead. And makes me feel the connection with life recommencing after sleep.