Sunday, December 28, 2008

this christmas i was given an abundance of homemade gifts & i can honestly say i love them more than any amount of clothes or money i could have been given.

my sister has recently discovered her talent in sewing & made for me this amazing tote bag!
aside from the print, i think the little pocket she added is my favorite.

one of my favorite gifts my mom made(& my dad helped compile!) is this homemade cookbook. She put in it a lot of old family recipes & favorite things we've enjoyed since i was little, plus some stories to go along with the recipes. It's something i will definitely find a lot of use in! She & my dad also bought me a dessert cookbook, & Meg gave me the vegetarian one pictured.
... & mom made these adorable aprons that i'll wear while i'ma bakin' dem goodies!

She has also recently perfected her art of hat making...& made these beautiful berets which are made with yarn made from recycled plastic bottles. 

I showed up at my Grandma's on Christmas Eve & my six year old cousin, Flynn, told me, "I know what Grandma has for you! You know how you like old-fashioned know, like oldtiques?" It was really cute. So, i walk in her sewing room & she has this amaaazing vintage sewing machine from the late 50's. 
It is in working condition & i can't wait to figure it all out so i can use it!


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I'm so glad you liked everything!!

I agree with you....all the homemade gifts are so much better than the store bought ones! Although my Toms are pretty freaking awesome too!

love you!

natalie said...

Your mom is! Those berets are PERFECT. & I'm mailing you somethin' TOMORROW! But- I'm mailin' it to Conway so you'll probably get it a little later.

& your sewing machine is a beaut!