Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Finally, the weather is changing & wildflowers are popping up all around!
I'm so excited for what the coming seasons will bring to my life & the lives of those who surround me.

Godspeed & happy (almost) Spring, beautiful people.


Kelsey said...

Such lovely photos, Tori... you're great = )

Katy said...

ah! i know... the weather, though cloudy, was wonderful today. i'm so excited for spring. so, girl... we're becoming neglectful again. why?!

Mark Samuel Monroe said...

T to the OR... I

i am almost half asleep but its because I was drunk earlier that i am still functioning - i can't wait either, except that i do not want there to be mosquitoes. i hate to scratch their tiny bites.

There is an artist talk at x period as well as 5
and don't forget to enter something into the student competative!

natalie said...

Hooray! We're spotting bits of green here & there. Yesterday I didn't have to wear a coat! & I was able to wear a skirt & a cardigan with only one layer of tights!!!! Woo!

& we're starting our garden next week! I'm so excited :)

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Ah spring....i can't wait.


Mark Samuel Monroe said...

as soon as possible

natalie said...

you're so good to me. thank you for the websites. I'm going to look at them right now. ♥