Monday, February 16, 2009

With the copious amount of things to have marked off of my "to-do" list by friday, blogging & scanning new film photographs probably aren't the most wise things to be putting my time into, but hey, it's a nice, relaxing break from all of this hullabaloo!
Basically, i have a hectic week ahead of me, but the end of it will be well worth it all, for I'll be driving six hours(which i am hoping to be a good time for self-reflection & meditation of sorts)to Columbia to see Natalie!
It will be a much much much needed break. 
Nicholas leaves on Thursday for Austin where he is playing a show for his first time in Texas. I'm super stoked for him, but will miss him tremendously for the five days we will be without each-others company(yeah, i know we've gone longer, but at this point, I'm hardly used to that anymore!)
At least I will be with my best friend!

Valentines Day weekend was quite enjoyable. Friday, Nick & I had dinner at Zaza's with Ben & Alex, then we all went to the Art Party downtown, which was interesting to say the least.

We have been spending a lot of time lately hanging out with the two of them, & it's been quite lovely. There's definitely never a dull moment.
(this was taken by someone else at the party, but it cracks me up. it was really rather spur of the moment, & it makes me laugh that we are doing the same thing)
Saturday Nick & i slept in quite late, then had a delicious lunch at Michelangelo's together. 
We went to the park with Nick's brother, John & his girlfriend Brittany, & wandered around the outskirts for a good while to enjoy the beautiful weather.

(funny story about this one...we were running around playing frisbee in the field when we noticed a pile of roses someone had left there. Nick joked around about how it would be funny if he laid down in them, so, naturally, i made him really do it.)

We slept in Sunday, & i then had to head home to work on my wire sculpture for nearly five hours.
Lyndsay, one of my closest friends who now lives in Tennessee, called me to say she was in town & was coming by. If you know anything about Lyndsay, you know that she is extremely unpredictable & absolutely insane(in the best way)& will show up on your doorstep from six hours away if she feels like it. We caught up & reminisced for a few, & it was a nice sunday surprise.

Also, this is Nick's new Husky who really doesn't have a name yet, but is so darling.


natalie said...

I love your new film photos. They're all so great! The one with Nick & the petals made me laugh. Also, you'll have to update me on the Lyndsay visit.

& I'm so happy you're finding friends like Alex & Ben. :) Love you! & CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!

Mark Samuel Monroe said...

What a fun weekend. I wish we could have all hung out on Friday.

However, I have a task for you. Find a passage that you connect with. I want to record you reading it for one of my many and ongoing art projects... k?

Mark Samuel Monroe said...

It could be any passage, biblical or not.

Anonymous said...

His dog is beautiful. Huskies are so neat looking. Your pictures are wonderful - I love to look through them! If only he were hitting Houston!...Texas is a great state-he'll have fun. Austin is a really great city.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

This was lovely!

I laughed at Nick in the roses....I pictured him rolling around in them for some reason. haha

Lyndsay....I miss that joker!

hannah + landon said...

hello lady! your photos are lovely, thank you for sharing bits about you on my entry! i very much enjoyed reading it!