Thursday, January 6, 2011

the third quarter

year in review

a month consumed by explosions of light & fiery sunsets(& love, too)

If i could use one word to describe August it would be ethereal. Simply divine. I spent the first moments of August watching the sunrise over the Ozark mountains and alongside a blue river. I traveled to Chicago with friends, listened to music, surrounded by city. I celebrated three amazing years with my love.

A bittersweet month.
School kicked into action, the weather remained beautiful, and my sister departed for Spain, where she will live for a year. The four of us(my mom, dad, Meg and I) spent our last day together hiking to one of the most beautiful spots in Arkansas in the morning light on a peaceful empty trail.


natalie said...

tori, your year in review posts are so rich with warmth & love. i love your eye for photography; it is so magical. i love you, best friend! i am so thankful for all of your visits <3

Jess said...

your photos are so beautiful. I just love the fabrics of your life! haha, seriously - every shot that has fabric in it is fabulous. you have good taste.

allie said...

Looks like a great year! happy 21 :) I love all of these pictures, I'm so glad you commented on my blog so that I could find yours...Post more! Post more! Post more! You're awesome and I'm having fun looking through your blog.

Your comment was so sweet, I really appreciated it so thanks!