Saturday, January 15, 2011

the last quarter(at last!)

It has taken me forever & a day to get this last post up, but i've been too busy enjoying life, and now, being sick again.

here it is
2010 year in review

I turned 21 this month-which called for unexpected bands playing on my front porch, champagne toasts, and many days spent outside under the autumn leaves.

November was surprisingly sunny, loaded with school work(as it always is) & a little glimpse into the emotions that would come with December.
(for my birdhouse ladies)

The ever changing month of December. This was a difficult one. I began slowly packing up my room, finished the semester, stayed up late nearly every night talking with my roommates about our lives and the changes that were taking place, and at the end of the month, said goodbye to my beloved Birdhouse, the place I have called home for 2 and a half years. Christmas was spent sick in bed while missing my sister who is far across the sea(boy do i look forward to next christmas!)
Looking back, i realize that "difficult" was definitely an understatement.
But i'm in no way complaining. When i look back on this year & see all the beautiful things that occurred, I have nothing to do but be thankful for what i'm blessed with.

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onelonelyapricot said...

I love that drawing you are working on!

Moving is hard; I can sympathize. Saying goodbye to Conway last fall was really difficult for me. I always feel a sense of longing to revisit the places I have lived before, even though those spaces no longer exist as I knew them. The good thing about being a photographer, though, is the visual record you carry with you of those places, to help your memory when it feels rusty. :) Hope your semester is off to a good start.