Tuesday, May 12, 2009


i feel as though, after pushing myself to get to where i needed to be, i have had a successful semester artistically. i had the blessing of having one of the most influential and inspiring professors for my 3D Design class, Holly-who i feel has given me a different perspective in terms of what i am capable of doing. I poured endless hours into her assignments & i feel that all of it has paid off tremendously.

We had three main assignments, the first of which i didn't necessarily care for the outcome of.
The second was a planar analysis project. I used coffee filters dyed with...coffee, gridded fabric, and an insane amount of modpodge. 
It is based on microscopic images of a cross-section of a tree.

Vessels & Rays: A Cellular Exploration Into the Inner-workings of a Deciduous Tree

(click photos to enlarge)

The last assigment involved combining the first two-wire & planar aspects. It was called Skin & Structure. I have been obsessively watching the amazing television show Breaking Bad, and on one episode there was a scene of a little girl wearing a gas mask-which was, in some ways, interesting, and in other ways disturbing. Not long after, I went to Nicks house where i noticed that the background on his computer was this brilliant image by Louise Dadonna:

I found it creepy and intriguing, and immediately decided that i'd make a gas mask upon hearing the assignment.
So, i came up with this-having spent hours brazing wire together & more hours meticulously placing unbleached coffee filters just where they needed to be.
I decided I would take photos of people wearing the mask, doing everyday things:
making beds, riding bikes, etc.

To me, the whole idea is the fact that our society invests so much time in protecting themselves against dangers and potential threats, even when performing every day activities that are supposed to be relaxing, like taking a bath or riding bicycles out in nature. Yet what people are doing in an attempt to protect themselves(e.g. A delicate gas mask fabricated from the thin sheets of paper that filter our coffee every morning.)isn't necessarily bringing about any good at all, and often times makes them more susceptible to the things they are trying to avoid.

In other wonderful news, i have been spending a lot of time looking at/playing with this darling thing:

Her name is Lili & she's so much love!


natalie said...

tori, your mask turned out beautifully! I love the pictures, especially.

& lili wolfe is beautiful! have you moved into your new room yet? I'm excited to see pictures!

Mark Samuel Monroe said...

these look awesome. i still want a picture in this mask. it could be an ongoing theme for the summer. haha! love it.

onelonelyapricot said...

How wonderful!

You are going to do very well in Photo 1 next semester!! :) Can't wait to see you in the darkroom.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I am so proud of you my talented daughter!!!