Wednesday, April 29, 2009

 Aside from the grim allergies it all has given me, i'm loving every bit of this color the Earth is currently showered in. 

my closest friends here & i had a lovely celebratory pinic last week complete with greek food & random things alex thought were picnic-worthy(a.k.a. the things she wanted to get out of her kitchen. ha!)

we sat out at the dam until sunset, hence the under-exposed, grainy photos that i happen to kind of like.

this past weekend, we had our seasonal art sale-this time held at my house.

(lauren made hula hoops to sell, so we pretty much entertained the masses by hula-hooping all day)

the few necklaces & postcards i had time to make, & my momma's beautiful spring shawls.

Corrinne, who i just met this weekend, makes these neat little lamps out of vintage slides that she has found at estate sales & the like. For you Arkansans, she also runs [this] blog about free things to do in our state. She's from the U.K. & it's neat to see someone originally from far off doing good things around here!

one more week of school & then the(sort of) freedom of summer. 
i'll be going to school in June & working, so i guess it won't be that free, but summer is summer, man!


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

The picnic looks relaxing. I want to go on one...if it ever stops raining.

The art sale was much fun!!


natalie said...

tori, these pictures are beautiful! it makes me want to not go into work today, and instead- make a picnic with YOU & have an art sale with YOU! I've been thinkin'- while I'm in Arkansas, would you want to have a booth at the farmer's market? the side that is free? we should probably talk about this, of course, but that would be so much fun! & we could possibly make a little cash! so, let me know!!

& I, too, am a fan of the grainy!

onelonelyapricot said...

Tori! It's Kristen. I have found you in blogland by way of mutual friends. I love the pictures from the sale!! It was a lot of fun. I can't wait for the next one. I'm definitely up for selling in the Rivermarket this summer like we were all mentioning so let me know if you ever go! :) I looked it up and it is only $10 for a spot.

Mark Samuel Monroe said...

AWE I love the photos from our picnic!

jodi said...

you and your friends are adorable. enjoy your spring and all the energy it creates within you x

Alexandria Carpenter said...

aw damn i just realized when i went to your blog that we have the same freaking layout. i will have to adjust my colors so people don't get confused. haha ;]