Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Quick update during a busy week:

Lili is getting so big & growing cuter and more attached to me(for instance, sleeping on my neck like my cat growing up used to do to my momma)

... & my job is damn awesome.


natalie said...

i'm so happy that you're enjoying your job! & i'm so happy to be the godmother to such a beautiful little kitten! hehe.
hey, I miss you two.
& what is the name of the website that you showed me with such great music?
lots of love!

Mark Samuel Monroe said...

that's the cutest cat in the world.
where did you get a job at? i miss you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tori,

I have a window seat for Lili. The photo in today's blog made me think about it. When you come in July, don't forget to ask about it. I am sure she will enjoy it as much as Higgins and Sherbert did. It lets them see outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Glad you like your job.


Alex said...

Aw, I am so sad I didn't get her sister... :[ Lili is so beauutiful!! I love her, and cannot wait to see you both this weekend! yay. Well girl I am glad your job is going well, that is so good to hear, I am currently still pondering whether or not the restaurant biz would suite me..well heres to good luck!!

HeureuseLesFleur said...

Love your blog! Your kitty and baby are soooo cute!