Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I woke up this morning, crawled out of my warm multi-blanketed bed & into the cold air that always seems to envelope our house, & reached for the on button on my space heater that warms my body every morning as i slip on my clothes. But before i could turn it on, visions of people struggling to merely move because the air is so frigid popped into my head. I was appalled by myself. I have been using up ten minutes of the worlds energy just so i can get a little heat in between slipping off my pajamas and putting on my corduroys when there are people in other parts who cannot even sleep because their bodies are so cold, & unlike us, they have no down comforters to even consider.
 So, i decided quickly to forgo the heater from now on, suck it up, & realize how damn lucky i am in every beautiful area of my life.


natalie said...

it is so hard to even imagine the struggles of some. I am so hard on myself when I realize how much I take for granted. we are all so fortunate, so blessed.

I love you, Tori! Beautiful photograph. I've been putting all of my flowers in old mason jars, too. I have so many jars around my bedroom- savin' up for the wedding decorations! 3 1/2 months!! :D

I can't wait to see you in may. love love love!

ps. I called you!! have you been busy, too? lets talk soooon. but no matter how often we talk or the many days in between our conversation, I know we're probably thinkin' the same things & livin' our lives in the same way... because we're brain twins! & best friends... ALWAYS! :)

Keeper of the Skies Wife said... made me stop and think about the things I take for granted.

Like my hot shower this morning...I can take really looong ones and don't even think about all the people who can only dream of having 1 minute in a shower or just water, period!

I love you!