Friday, March 20, 2009

Merry Printemps!

At last, the first official day of spring!
Despite a few scholastic stresses, I have had a particularly amazing week. 
-went on a six mile bike ride with my good friend, Mark
-had a late night date with my Nicklove
-slept until noon tuesday
-taught a short lesson on pranayama!(yogic breath control)
- ate delicious italian food in celebration of my momma bird's birthday yesterday
-basked in the lovely lovely warm Printemps sun on my front porch

My sister discovered today that we have peach-ish daffodils blossoming on the side of our house. I've never seen them in this shade before. They are a dream!

I think this is my favorite wall in our whole house. It will be coming down soon upon me switching bedrooms, which is fine, because i am willing to recreate it in a new space!

It is Spring Break now, & I'm starting it out by doing laundry & cleaning out the clutter that is my side of the bedroom. I can't exactly refer to this as Spring cleaning, for my mom has taught me growing up that spring cleaning goes way deeper than simply making a bed & folding some clothes(i mean, we'd clean baseboards with q-tips & clean underneath our beds-which to my ten year old self meant dragging out every single dirty sock, t-shirt, & toy that was ever stuffed under it in order to accomplish the daily chore of "cleaning" my bedroom.)

Sunday, Nick & I are heading to Petit Jean to spend the night in a teepee & hike & canoe & adventure for two days. Ahh, I am so very stoked! I jokingly told Nick that we would have to wear headdresses & braids & moccasins.

I mean, is having your boyfriend dress like Devendra Banhart in this photo for a weekend asking too much?
: )


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I, too have never seen a daffodil in that color! It is beautiful!

Ah, I remember those days of spring cleaning with you and sister. I would have you drag EVERYTHING from your room into the living room so we can get the rooms in tip top shape. Memories!! :)

You and Nick are going to have so much fun on your getaway!

Barbara said...

I know it was nice for just the two of you to get away from everyone and everything. You really get to know a person when there is no interruptions.
Love you, your grandma

Tara Lucia Zaicz said...

Beautiful blog.... it's nice to stumble across adventures on the other side of the globe.... I also heart teepees.... love & light x