Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Although it has already gone by way too damn fast, this spring break has been charming.
Nick & i had such a beautiful time adventuring & spending two days outdoors. We both realized while at Petit Jean that it was, surprisingly, our first time to actually camp together. Once i get the roll of film developed, I'll post about it.
Yesterday, Meg & I took our little babies, Natie & Nate out for lunch at Zaza's & book store adventures.

This was taken right before he threw one of those olives over the railing of the second level of Zaza's when we turned our backs for a split second. I had to laugh.

&...we got to see our other loves-Kayla, Konnor & Righteous!

Konkon's defiance got the best of him.

A glimpse at the continuation of my 3D piece:

It's coming along...i've four more days to work on it!


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Great photos!! I probably would have laughed as well when Nate threw the olive over the railing! :)That was so sweet of you & Meg to spend the day with them.
Kon & Righteous are darling....I just want to kiss all over their faces!

Your 3-D is coming along great!

natalie said...

Awwww, Nate & Natie! & Konnor & Righteous! such cuties!!! & I'll call you soon, I swear. I know I'm being a loser best friend :(

& AMAZING 3D. I love it!

Barbara said...

I love the pictures. You really know how to get the good shots. I'm glad I wasn't there when Nate threw the olive. I would have been horrified. Your 3-D is looking good. I was having a hard time visualizing it before when you were telling me about it. Love you Tori.