Monday, November 10, 2008

Nick & I hiked Petit Jean last Saturday for the second time together. We went last January & froze our asses off, but it was nice since we were the only people out there. 
The waterfall was frozen & absolutely beautiful last year:

As is obvious, it was rather cold.

This year, it was littered with little kids with sticks, parents looking for their children, and old folks trying to stay warm. So, we found a secluded rock to rest on this time, instead of by the waterfall. It was, nonetheless, lovely.

We decided that we're going to try to go every season, if not every year.

Now, I am trying to heal myself of sickness by stuffing my body full of echinacea, ginger root, & lots of tea & soup.


letstalkmodern said...

Stuffing yourself with everything wonderful sounds... wonderful!

& I hope for you & Nick that you can spend years & years visiting Petit Jean- madly in love. ♥

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I so enjoy your posts!!!

That would be a wonderful tradition for the two of you.

Love the photos as usual.

Hope you are feeling better.


Anonymous said...

I saw a link to your blog I believe through your mom's blog, and I absolutely love your pictures. Your header is wonderful, and the pictures in your entry a few days ago with the dress are so beautiful. Just wanted to share my appreciation for your art. -Kayla Grace

grandma said...

Beautiful pictures and what a great tradition the two of you are starting.
Love you Tori!

Britt said...

Gorgeous pictures! Gorgeous curls! Thanks for leaving a note :o)