Thursday, November 27, 2008

i am more than ecstatic to be home in my old, cozy bedroom with its beautiful aura & feeling of home. I came home wednesday & saw that my mom had made some beautiful new curtains out of an old bed-sheet she had found while we were thrifting in Florida this past summer & hung them up in my bedroom. I love them! I wish they were in here while i lived in this bedroom. As a matter of fact, i often still wish I still do live in this bedroom, which is why i am so happy it is the holidays & i can spend more time enjoying it...& feeling nostalgic all the while. My dad had brought in some of my old artwork from junior high/high school & hung it on the walls, rearranged the room, and put a nice comfy bed in it. He did such a good job! i have the sweetest parents. 

(this is post-meg cutting my "bangs" which i never really had. i promise, i had a much cuter child-hood stage than this picture portrays. But, i love it nonetheless.)

Meg & me with our daddyo in front of his old 1969 mustang fastback. Oh, we all miss that car.
it's weird to think that my mom was my age here!

My Thanksgiving was more than lovely. I spent the day cooking with my mom & grandma, playing wii with my little cousins, taking photos & wishing i had more of an opportunity to spend a lot of time with these beautiful people i call my family. 

my beautiful grandma & handsome poppy in 1966.

the four of us back then...

... & the four of us now. 

thank you guys for your beauty & inspiration.

much love & happiness to all.


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Toria this was a sweet post!

I love you very much!

I'm so sorry you are sick...get better soon my love!

Mark Monroe said...

that was indeed such a sweet post, tori.
i love you so much!

natalie said...

All I can do is smile!

This post was beautiful!