Wednesday, November 19, 2008

love is the best endeavor.

I am counting down the days until I go home for Thanksgiving...which are quickly dissipating, much to my happiness. Although I have a "home" here, nothing will ever be home like my mom & dad's house, or my grandma's house...both of which i will be spending my week at...baking delicious pies & drinking coffee in the warmth of my loving family.
I was able to chill out & have coffee with Taylor, Katy, & Mark the other evening which was so lovely & so needed.
We ended up spending the majority of our time at Something Brewing taking photos for fashion site that we share an understandable addiction to.
Despite my obvious dislike for the cold weather season, i am incredibly ecstatic for Christmas time-i seriously do not understand how some people can hate Christmas time so much. Every December i am filled with joy at the thought of making homemade gifts, and seeing the people i love enjoy them. This will be the third Christmas we will spend without my Poppy around, and that feels very weird to say. Although happiness abounds, there is a lingering emptiness without him there to wait until the last minute to inconspicuously open his presents, & then grab my mom's had to dance around the living room to Frank Sinatra. 

Here is a photo of us from Christmas of probably...1998ish.


Mark Monroe said...

awe, i can't wait to spend time with my family as well. i am so glad we got to hang out the other night. we really did need just that. anywho, i know that cool shoes getting bigger is good for nick, its just i was annoyed at the people who refused to dance and just stood around taking up space. thats what the other room is for. haha - anywho, today is the beginning of my break!

natalie said...

I'm excited to see you! We will need to figure out plans, but I have to drive to Cabot to drop J.O. off, so maybe I can pick you up which I'm there?!

Oh, I'm excited.

& homemade gifts from you during Christmas time is always so wonderful!

natalie said...

PS. Love LOVE the outfits :D

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

How on earth did I miss this post??? I love those photos!!! You must show me how you did the top one. I can't wait to see you on Wednesday.

Katy Tipton said...

girlllll, work it!
i'm so excited to even possibly be your neighbor. we have to have more nights like last thursday. they're absolutely necessary. i miss you all the time and i definitely will this week! i'm excited to be with my family as well, though. i hope you have a great thanksgiving!

P.S. i've thought about it, and we should have yoga nights (aside from the classes, which i'm going to start going to again). :]

Mark Monroe said...

yesh! i did check out that song. beautiful. i don't know how i could have missed them before.