Saturday, May 25, 2013

2013 goals progress update

 I thought, as it is now May and nearly June, it would be an appropriate time to do an update on my 2013 goals. I have been making progress (some significant!) towards *almost* all of them and having this blog certainly helps hold me accountable.
an unrelated photo of an onion that i saw so much loveliness in


-finally open my etsy shop
The main task I need to complete to accomplish this goal is to build my inventory. I have been working on the weekends to have a stock pile of creations to fill my store with & so far so good! Slowly but surely...
- pursue my interest in videography
I recently purchased a new computer with a much better video card/faster operating system than my five year old macbook pro & my awesome boyfriend hooked me up with some sweet video editing software. i have been spending time playing around with video & i am so stoked about the possibilities.
-shoot more film. since i finished college, my poor film cameras have been neglected.
I can't say I've made too much progress on this goal, BUT i did find an old roll of film & set it aside for the weekend(or soon...summer!!!) day when i remember to pick up my old cameras & capture all the fun that comes with these beautiful seasons.
-re-open mine & nick's etsy shop from 2010 that we got too busy to maintain
haven't made any progress on this one...oops! honestly, i'm not going to feel bad if it doesn't happen. between the many different things nick & i pursue, we have enough on our plates!
-continue & further my personal study of midwifery
i am pretty ecstatic about what i have accomplished so far on this particular goal. my original resolution to further my personal study of midwifery has blossomed into me studying to become a certified doula! I am officially training with a wonderful doula, Nicolle, at Birth by Design...and I have already attended my first birth(more on that soon!)
-get back into my yoga groove that was once so solid
i have been attending more yoga classes this year(mostly with one of my best friends, Dana, but also occasionally with Nick but I cannot make it through a session without cracking up if he is with me) and also doing more yoga at home in the quiet of our home. still have room for improvement, for sure!
 -finish my first quilt
quilt top is complete!

I am feeling pretty good about the progress I have made on these goals! As I enter the last week of my first year of teaching, I'm honestly impressed with myself for balancing all I have balanced this year. I love being busy & finding fulfillment in a wide variety of things.

keep on keepin' on!

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