Friday, September 23, 2011

lost/damaged film

Last Summer, my beloved 1970's Sears camera (that has blessed me with so many of the lovely pictures you see here on this blog) took it's last roll of film(for now, at least.)
Upon winding the film and opening the camera, i realized that the mechanism that holds the film in place was somehow damaged. Not only did it tear my film, but in the process of opening the door, i exposed it.
I was able to quickly get it into a light safe container(with the help of my dark closet) & then it was put at the bottom of a drawer for over a year. I knew they were mostly of our time spent camping out last summer at Wakarusa music festival, so I was super stoked to see what the roll consisted of when I found it the other day & decided to get it developed...
& this is what I got:
(click photos for a better view..i'm still trying to figure out how to make my photos on the blog bigger)
(oh my, those lips)
I must say...I'm rather fond of them.
Happy accidents.


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I love them! Yay for happy accidents!

Jess said...

they are beautiful! as for making them bigger, after they are uploaded you should be able to click directly on the photo, and a little bar will open at the bottom, allowing you to choose the size.

Julie Alvarez said...

If you want to set the size of the images bigger, you can choose (when editing the post) the tab HTML, and find the size of the image, and change the numbers (you need to keep the relation between height and width).
For example in this code:

height="480" src="" width="640"

You can change the 480 to 768 and the 640 o 1024, and the picture would show much bigger.