Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Second Half(Minus December)

The second half of the year flew by, as it always seems to do.
Which for me is sometimes good(for school) but usually leaves me feeling nostalgic & as if i'd missed out on something as the time disappeared before my busy eyes.

For a good 2 minutes, i sat here trying to remember how i celebrated the 4th of July this year, then it came to me- i ate lunch with my boyfriend, & went to work. It was an odd Independence Day celebration, but i was lucky enough to get to wait on my Natalie & her momma, & watch the fireworks boom over the Arkansas River outside the restaurant i work at. I paid a short weekend visit to said best friend just two weeks before her big day. This month, I also became a temporary Georgia peach-visiting my family there for a couple of days & enjoying the much needed time spent with my mom, dad, & sister.

The first day of this month was quite possibly the most beautiful day of the year. I watched my best friend marry her soul mate on a perfect summer day. I was able to spend a week with my wonderful family from new hampshire, spent the night in a treehouse with Nicholas in celebration of our two year anniversary, & began my sophomore year of college.

Fell in love with the darkroom, spent many hours in said darkroom, ate a plethora of cherry tomatoes from the garden & bid farewell to Nicks dreadlocks.

Spent many many more hours in the darkroom, celebrated my 20th birthday by having dinner with my family, witnessing my boyfriends song being played by a bigtime DJ, and had a merry time at my mad-hatter tea party with beautiful people.

Passed my sophomore major advancement interview for admission into the art program(!), had the most amazing nature experience with my love, & celebrated Thanksgiving by having dinner with my family in the warmth of my parent's house.


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Your posts always leave me with a lump in my throat!

natalie said...

:) this year has treated us all so well... i'm so thankful to have you in my life, so full of inspiration & beauty to share! love you!

also, i really love that photo of me, haha. is there any way you could send it to my email {} so i could print it out? i think i might frame it for mine & luke's six months :)