Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The First Half

I am going to go ahead & follow everyones lead & do a "year in review" post with my favorite photos from each month of the year.
It has been a beautiful one.

I shot my first roll of film with the Diana+ camera my love bought me for my birthday the October before & had my first really exciting art classes with inspiring professors & non-stop creativity flowing through my brain.

Celebrated my sisters(pictured above as pseudo-indian) 21st birthday by dressing up as 5th graders with 60 other college-aged students(yes, 90's style-spice girls, overalls, & slap bracelets all the waaay) had a lovely calm valentines day hike through the woods, & visited my best friend & finally met the lovely Jess and her beautiful little family I also started teaching a yoga class at the local public library.

Had an amazing adventure with my love that involved spending the night in a teepee, hiking to the petit jean water fall, & cooking delicious food while drinking blue moon all night. Celebrated my Daddyo's 40th birthday & enjoyed the excitement that accompanies the first signs of spring.

Picked many wild flowers from the yard, started my first organic garden, and spent many many moons dedicating my time & mind to art projects that ended up very well worth it, and had my first university level art show.

Brought home the sweetest little tiny white, blue-eyed, cuddly kitten, named her Lili, & quickly became a cat lady. I watched my garden bloom, enjoyed a couple weeks of no work & no school before starting my waiting job at Bosco's Brew Pub.

Spent nearly the whole month taking a Design I class that was very relaxing & enjoyable-met the sweetest older woman who was taking the class just for fun. Spent several days floating around the pool with Nick & basking in the warmwarmwarm June sun.


natalie said...

yay! i was hoping you would do this, too :) i love these photos so muchhhh! good morning! i hope you have a good day!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I enjoyed this thoroughly!!

I look forward to many many more art shows!
I love you, bebe bird