Friday, September 11, 2009

five senses friday

i'm finally doing one of these, inspired by my best friend Natalie.

-my photos come to life in the darkroom
-the sunspots dance on the floor of my living room in the evening

-"all my days" by Alexi Murdoch
-my loves new creations

-so many apples & so much peanut butter
-my sisters homemade banana nut bread
-bell peppers & cherry tomatoes from my garden

-little Lili's soft fur
-the handle bars of my bicycle everyday on the way to class

-the fresh pre-autumn air
-orange ginger candles

happy friday! i'm so ecstatic that it came so quickly. 
i feel a lovely evening in the making-full of good friends, beautiful weather, & wine.


natalie said...

love this! & the photos :) i'd like to be at your house right now. PLEASE!

Katy said...

i need to do this one day for sure. autumn is most certainly my favorite smell as well :] i miss you so terribly, lady.