Tuesday, October 2, 2012

weekend wonders

now that I have an eight to four, monday through friday job for the first time since i first got a job at sixteen years old, i truly savor every minute from four p.m. friday to eight on monday morning. i absolutely love my weekends...especially now that nick & i share a home. this past weekend was ripe with the nostalgic smell of autumn(my very favorite season) & full of really amazing moments with some of my closest friends. 
friday night, we watched our friend's band play at Arts Fest in downtown conway & took advantage of the free photo booth to have this made:

 on a side note, thirty of my students had art in the Arts Fest exhibit...so proud! they were all so excited to find out they would have work hanging for the weekend.

(photo cred to the Baum Gallery of Fine Art, as i only got photos of the inside)

 saturday, nick & i met up with dana & reece to visit the Mirazozo Luminarium. i had been waiting for this day since early this year when i found out it would be coming...and i had no idea it would be as amazing as it was! the Mirazozo is a brilliant piece of art made by a group of artists from Australia who call themselves the "Architects of Air." The entire thing was hand- sewn and uses only natural light to illuminate it's interior. It is a maze of tunnels & alcoves & vibrant domes. this is stuff of dreams, you guys. the intense change of environment i experienced when i walked into the first "room" (the green one) was quite the psychedelic experience.

(laying on the ground, looking up. they didn't know their hands were centered perfectly around this point)

Ever since we moved into our house in mid-august, nick & i had talked about having our first get-together when the weather changed to fall. so, we decided that afternoon that we'd have it this night- the night of the full harvest moon. we cooked way too much amazing food, ate razzleberry pie, drank beers with our friends around the fire pit, & actually felt a little chilly outside in the crisp air (totally a good thing.)

 i am so in love with our little home & it's location. when our fire wood ran out, all we had to do was head to our woods to clear the trail of branches in the moonlight. seriously, so in love.

(mark & hunter are home from their summer in brooklyn!) 

sunday was a lazy day, as sunday's around here usually are. a lazy day to spend with either his family or mine & i love it that way. 

here's to many more free weekends & nights in our backyard with good company & warmth.

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