Thursday, September 2, 2010


I was riding my bike last night, coming home from a friends house whose presence has been too absent in my life as of late. I rode alone, feeling the sweet autumn breeze on my skin...the first of it i have felt this year.

This air is reminiscent to me.

I smell in it my youth.

My youth which i am still experiencing, but in a different sense.

I can feel in it the days when my only concern was to hop on my bike after school and not return until dusk. Those little glimpses of the freedom of adulthood i saw as I rode around in fields with my best friend were something i cherished, and still do the memory of.

As I was riding along, I remembered the day I first began practicing the art of riding your bike....handless!

Total gripless liberty.

The ability to glide your bike down the asphalt with merely your mindful balance and of course, a steady pedal.

Thinking of that day, i started to lift my left hand, followed by my right, off the handlebars. I hesitated a little, realizing the distrust I felt. It made me realize much trust in ourselves we lose upon aging. as adults, we have to be cautious of our sudden decisions, we have to learn to evaluate a situation more before jumping in.

As children, our inhibitions are small. I think it is important to find the balance between who we were as kids, & who we are as adults. I want to learn to trust myself more, and ultimately, I want to carry this mindset with me throughout my life...I don't want to regret not experiencing something merely because I was afraid or untrusting of myself.

Never, ever.

So, I won't.

& tonight, I started by not questioning my ability at handless bicycle riding...and just setting freeeee.

photos via ryan mcginley

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erica lewis said...

Such a beautiful post! I love the metaphor you made between life and riding a bicycle :)