Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My goodness. It has certainly been too long.
My life has been a wild mixture of happenings-getting by on three hours of sleep, writing too many papers, struggling to make time to see my family/boyfriend.
& then, certain events come along:
- like watching the sunrise with my love two weekends ago, after not having done so since the first time we spent all night together, nearly three years ago.
-& other amazing experiences like visiting my best friend (who lives 6 hours away) for the weekend in honor of her 21st birthday.
There are those days when I feel like i'm just never going to get my head above the water to embrace summertime...& there are days when I get those beautiful breaths of fresh air that know just how to renew my spirit & make me feel whole again.

I am so in love with the amazing GREEN in all these photos!
It is so comforting to see the Earth alive again.

P.S. Here's a little sneak-peak at my latest series: be continued!

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