Monday, November 2, 2009

my kindred spirit

I recently had a conversation with a good friend about best friends as "soul mates," in a sense. Not in a romantic way, but in the way that you know & understand & love each other so much that no matter where you go in life or how many continents or states separate you, you can rest assured that they will never stray form your thoughts, or you from theirs.
I am blessed to be twenty years old & have no doubt in my mind that Natalie, will always be that person for me-
my true kindred spirit
ma meilleur amie.
Natalie & i met through bus rides & bicycles rides down busy roads just for fun & "lead-singers" & dancing out of sunroofs in one of the billion cars she went through in high school.
We worked at waffle house together where we were told to stay on opposite sides of the restaurant by our pill poppin' redneck boss because we talked too much.
Over two years ago, Natalie moved to Columbia, Missouri where she had her heart set on for school. It was really hard for me knowing that my best friend would no longer be a short car drive away. On the way to Missouri to move her into her dorm, we cried a little(well, she cried a lot ; ] ) & reminisced on all the good moments we had had, & all the exciting moments we have to look forward to in our futures. Despite the distance, I have never once in the last two years felt for a moment that our friendship has ever been hindered.
It's never been easy for me to look at every friend i've had as a possible permanent presence in my life-but Natalie has always been different in that way. Though we may not talk everyday and sometimes not every week, each time we do, we simply pick up where we left off. I know now why she was so drawn to there of all places when i see her with her husband, Luke. They embody beauty in every sense of the word, & have never ceased to inspire me in the relationship i have with Nick.
We have indeed seen & experienced a lot together. When i lost my Poppy, Natalie was one of two friends of mine who came to the funeral. I don't think i've ever told her how much that meant to me. When Natalie & Luke got married in August, I stood next to her as her maid of honor. She was the most beautiful bride, & the allure of their wedding is not possible to describe in words.
I sometimes get emotional when i think about us, because i often find it hard to believe such a beautiful friendship can exist. But it does, & i am eternally grateful for it.
I love you, Natalie!


kwhip said...

This is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I am happy that you have such a special friend. This is a wonderful tribute to her. Granny

natalie said...

i've written & re-written in this comment box & still- i cannot think of anything to say that will show how much this means to me & how much you + your family mean to me. i love you. you've left me crying... :)

Daddyo said...

great two are two peas in a pod. Love you both..Daddyo

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Awe, this ha brought tears to my eyes! You two do have the most beautiful friendship!!

What a beautiful tribute to her.

Katy said...

I always say that soul mates come in many ways, shapes and forms - and that you can have many in your life - whata beautiful frienship x

Jess said...

so, so sweet.
I am lucky enough to have my Jamie, whose friendship with me mirrors yours and Natalie's - that way souls are twins, and are forever intertwined, without question.
I am so happy that you and Natalie have such a beautiful friendship!