Saturday, March 27, 2010

I have not had the most fortunate spring break- getting sick with fever & a double ear infection that left me to lay around the house for three days straight & all. But I am trying to be positive about it, 'cause before I know it, summer's freedom will be evident in my life, & i couldn't anticipate it more!
After going back to school on Monday, I will have a mere 5 weeks of school, finals, and then I will open my arms to embrace the warmth & liberation.
I have been quite the slacker on this blog here this past school year, but it has been my busiest thus far, but soon enough I will (hopefully) be posting more frequently & feeling a little more fulfilled!
There are a lot of exciting things to look forward to this Summer:
1) I have decided to not bog myself down with work. I have been working 3 days a week at Bosco's & if that has been able to sustain me through the school year, I have no doubt that it can during the summer, where so much more money is to be made in the restaurant business.
2) My very talented boyfriend/DJ & Producer, also known as WOLF-e-WOLF will be playing at Wakarusa Music Festival in June. And lucky for me, he got us each a free VIP pass(that are worth 500 a piece! crazy!) He is also opening for one of the biggest names in electronic music right now, Bassnectar. This guy is seriously huge & so incredible.
3) Possibly taking a trip to the beach with the family + my love + sister's love! & hopefully making a trip to Austin with Nick to stay with a friend & explore the city we may move to in a few years!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Abandonment II

I finished a few more prints for my After Humans series. I'd love to continue the project, but I'll have to set it aside for a while to finish other ones I have in the works!
(p.s. some are spotty due to dusty scanner!)

Monday, March 1, 2010

kitteh land

I just literally laughed out loud to myself about this post that a wrote a few months ago, when Beatrix Kiddo(formerly known as Don Juan) first came into our humble abode.
I'd forgotten to write on here that after taking Don Juan to the vet, we discovered he was actually a she, and promptly changed her name to Beatrix Kiddo.
She loves it here, and we love her.
Now, we just have to work on getting this stubborn one to get along with her a little better : )