Thursday, February 25, 2010

After Humans: A Documentation of Abandonment

I'm currently working on a Documentary Project for my Photo II class.
After noting the prevalence of abandoned homes here in central Arkansas, I decided to photograph some of them in order to document what occurs with man-made homes after humans exist in them.

For this project, I decided to print in full-frame, & i am really diggin' the outcome.
Some of what I am doing was inspired by a beautiful artist, Kevin Bauman, who created the project 100 Abandoned Houses. Check out his work-it's absolutely astounding.

The photos in this post are two of the houses I have photographed & printed thus far.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back in January, I did a photoshoot for my good friend Mark's boyfriend, Cody Belew-a talented & soulful musical artist.
Months ago(I am just now remembering to post about it!) Mark e-mailed me today to show me the revamped "Cody Belew & the Mercers" site & I was excited to see the photos I took on it, & also receive a copy of the new release with my work in print. The CD looks & sounds awwwesome.
(more photos on website under "Paradise" photoshoot)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lots of great new items over at the SHOP!
Including this awesome down vest my sweetheart is modeling:

(So maybe that's not the best representation of the vest, but he sure looks cute.)
Check out the listing here!

Also, this beautiful Vintage leather coat:

If you know any vintage lovers, be sure to tell them about our shop!
We're still working out the kinks, but be expecting new updates soon & frequently.

& since we are speaking of the wonderful world of Etsy, I would like you all to know that my beautiful best friend & her darling husband have recently opened up an amazing Etsy shop full of homemade earrings
& lovely prints!
Please check out their shop. The prices are extremely reasonable, especially for such one-of-a-kind pieces!
Also, if you haven't yet stumbled across their blog that is just bursting with love & all things beautiful, you should check it out.
You'll be inspired, I can assure you!

Monday, February 8, 2010

It's getting difficult to keep track of all the wonderful days that i have been experiencing in the past week or so. So many snow days, lazy days, exciting days.
sweet Biggie baby-perfectly at home in the snow
We have been having what i think might just be the most "wintery" winter i've ever enjoyed since living in Arkansas nearly my whole life. It has been beautiful.
the walk to my loves home
It's almost hard to face the "real world" after being cooped up with loves, friends, & sweet kittens-doing nothing but eating amazing food, listening to music, making art & drinking blue moon.
my darling
some dear friends of mine
We celebrated my sisters 22nd birthday last weekend with a home cooked meal with the family, & a nice little party with friends here at the Birdhouse.
Speaking of my sister, she & her girlfriend, Hillary, have officially been accepted into CIEE-a program with which they will be teaching english in Spain for a year. I'm so happy for them, & am so super excited that i will be visiting them for a least a month in the Summer of 2011!

Sunday, we celebrated my little cousin Sammie's 5th birthday at our house with a darling tea party!
We learned all about holding up our pinkies!
It was darling.

Happy snow day to the Arkansans!
& love to all!